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Contains green tea, fresh and natural, softening old waste
Exfoliates and cleans pores and dirt, controls oil and blackheads, shrinks pores; balances excess skin
Oil, to add moisture and nutrition to the skin, let the muscles
Skin is soft and shiny

Contains Solanum Fruit Extract, which gently soothes and improves
Acne skin, absorb excess oil, gently clean up old waste
Cutin, gentle care, replenish moisture to the skin and
Nourishment, make skin bright and smooth

Very easy to use, a bit of texture
Like a mud cleansing mask but
I don’t want that kind of mask...
Stuffy, airtight, difficult to wash,
This one does not have this question at all
The problem exists.

It's very convenient to apply, no
Will get hands dirty, a lot less
Trivial steps, usually apply for 15-20 minutes, very easy
Wash it off, afterwards
Very comfortable on the face!

How to use:

Rotate out the paste and apply to the face, evenly spread on the face ,smear face
Leave on for about 15-20 minutes, and use water after it dries, just wash.